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My Trip to French Polynesia

Paul has always been drawn to tropical climates and locations, so he was thrilled when the opportunity arose for him to travel to the atoll of Taha’ in French Polynesia. While the rest of The Wiseman Group followed along on his journey via his Instagram, we really wanted to share the experience with all of you in the best way possible, in his own words. So, from Paul himself, here is a recap of this incredible Polynesian vacation…


One of my goals this year was to take a real vacation, completely off the grid (well, except for my Instagram, of course) with total relaxation. So, when a couple of friends invited me to join them this summer on an excursion to Vahini Island, a remote resort off the island of Taha’ in French Polynesia, I immediately said, “I’m in.”

Mission accomplished: With only nine rooms, a delightful French chef, and an extensive wine list, this private resort was pure heaven. Surrounded by palm trees and tucked inside a coconut grove, this was also my first time traveling to French Polynesia. Decidedly more European than Hawaii, everyone we encountered looked like someone out of a Gauguin painting.


Beyond the wonderful people, I snorkeled everyday and found the myriad of sea life absolutely breathtaking. I had always wanted to see Bora Bora and, in addition to a stunning view of it from my bedroom, we were able to take a day trip and enjoyed a fabulous picnic prepared by our chef. Bora Bora was gorgeous, despite the larger crowds.


All in all, I achieved my goal: With my newfound relaxation, inspiration, and, rejuvenation, I have a new perspective on how to reflect natural beauty in the work with my team here at The Wiseman Group.