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TWG Wins 2017 Designer Mix-Off

The Wiseman Group is thrilled to announce that their team's ‘Summer of Love Negroni’ cocktail took first place at the Third Annual Designer Mix-Off, a drink competition and design party hosted by California Home & Design magazine and Studio Becker last week. The party, which took place at Studio Becker, featured five designers including James Hunter, Will Wick, Antonio Martins, Jaimie Belew, Jon de la Cruz and their supporting sponsors Caesarstone, Cosentino, FM Distributing/Neolith, Studio Becker, and California Home & Design.

Top Photo: The Wiseman Group 'Summer of Love' Team from Left to Right - Chase Roberson, James Hunter, Eloisa Saquilayan, Layne Varholdt, Luis Alves ; Middle Photo: James Hunter with event bartender ; Bottom Photo: James Hunter, Luis Alves ; Thank you, Moanalani Jeffrey, for the photos!

Each designer paired with a sponsor and came up with their signature cocktail. The Wiseman Group's partner, California Home & Design, gave them free reign, so Principal James Hunter and team members Kevin Peters, Luis Alves, and Layne Varholdt, chose 1967’s Summer of Love for the theme. Attendees voted on their favorite drinks with tokens and at the end of the night, The Wiseman Group was deemed the winner. Overall, the event was tons of fun (and that the night ended with Go-Go Dancers shaking on top of the counters!). Who knew The Wiseman Group design team had mixology chops too? 

The winning ingredients included: 


--Vermouth Rosso 


--Garnish with orange peel