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The Modern Architect

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Last month, I was invited to be a guest on the radio and podcast show "The Modern Architect.” Produced and recorded at Stanford University's KZSU radio station, the weekly show features in-depth interviews with architects, designers, and industry veterans from all over the world, so I was honored to be part of the show.

When I arrived on the Stanford campus, as always, I was energized by the grand Romanesque architecture. I made my way to Memorial Way where architect aficionado and radio host Tom Dioro met me at the door to the basement of KZSU and invited me to squeeze with him into a small room with a microphone.

I slipped on my headphones and Tom started with an introduction. Modern jazz-beats served as the backdrop to our conversation and eased the transition points during the show. Interviews can sometimes feel scripted with low energy, but Tom shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for design and expressed a sheer delight while asking questions, which immediately put me at ease.

After chatting about my upbringing in California’s Sacramento Valley and the early influences on my career, we got into the substance of the talk: How I approach my work and how I guide my clients to realize their dreams and reflect themselves in the personal spaces we help create for them. Tom and I covered many topics, including Hearst Castle, Wabi Sabi (an ancient Zen Buddhist term that means deliberately imperfect), working with the CEO of Salesforce, and how one’s home can be an outer reflection of the inner self.

I enjoyed reflecting on how The Wiseman Group has evolved in many ways over the years, but how we have maintained our founding principles to this day. My hope is to inform and educate about design and architecture and to inspire new and veteran architects alike.