T W G : Design Journal

JAMES HUNTER, Design Principal

James Hunter has been a valued member of The Wiseman Group design team since 1996. He knows Paul Wiseman’s thinking perhaps better than anyone else on the staff. They work together seamlessly, often arriving at the same design solution.

James came to TWG with a broad personal and professional background. Born in Upstate New York, he was raised in a small community as part of a large extended family. The security and safety of his close-knit town promoted a sense of self-confidence and independence in James, as well as a genuine interest in other people. These qualities serve him well in his professional life. He is able to meet clients on an interpersonal level that is both sincere and direct.

A focused academic background enriches James’s contributions to the firm. As an undergraduate, James majored in Art Education at State University College in Buffalo, New York; his course work sensitized him to the importance of scale, color, balance, and proportion. He traveled to Italy for a semester abroad, soaking in the magic of Siena, and then visited museums and sites of historical and architectural interest throughout Europe. With its appreciation for the ancient and its embrace of the modern, Europe gave James invaluable exposure to the possibilities in design. Upon his return, James remained in Buffalo, obtaining a Masters of Science in Art Education (magna cum laude) and doing post-graduate work in textile design and surface printing.

Early in his career, James worked as a fabricator of custom soft goods. He was able to observe firsthand the work of many top interior design firms. He managed his own design company for several years before joining the TWG team. James also owns a farm in northern Michigan, where he regularly spends time. The change of pace and shift in culture  Bay Area to rural Michigan, urban to country  provide a boost to his creativity and further his appreciation of context in design. These rich and varied life experiences  prepared him for his current challenge at TWG: creating a unique design vision for a wide range of projects.

James' long history with TWG, his wide knowledge base, and his sharp intelligence engender trust and confidence among the firm’s clients. They soon learn they can depend on James for sure guidance, attention to detail, and quick, well-considered decisions made on their behalf. He brings a discerning eye to every project, helping clients create interiors that are well-composed, cohesive, and appropriate to the space. He manages to do all this while bringing a functional and financial discipline to the project. He has also developed superb relationships with a wide variety of artisans and suppliers who create TWG's custom design elements.

James has applied these impressive personal and professional skills to projects as disparate as a 1000-square-foot pied-à-terre in a Chicago skyscraper, a sprawling wine country estate, a grandly scaled Victorian home in San Francisco, and an ultra-modern compound on the Kona coast. It's no wonder  James is considered such a key player in the firm.

Carefully chosen colors and custom furnishings complementary to the home’s architecture

Furniture and lighting custom designed for comfort and simplicity

A light-filled living room in a San Francisco Victorian achieved by combining rooms in an open floor plan

An office and smoking room with custom paneling, new and antique furnishings, and a special ventilation system