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BRENDA MICKEL, Design Principal

Brenda Mickel is a talented woman possessing quiet sophistication. Born and raised near Washington, DC, she spent her formative years in an area rich in culture and dominated by neoclassical architecture. Her educational goals took her to University of Georgia, where she received a BFA in Interior Design. Brenda went on to study at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City, obtaining an Interior Design certificate.

Brenda has spent a lifetime cultivating a refined knowledge of painting, sculpture, antiques, architecture, and the decorative arts. As a young person, she traveled frequently with her family, and she has continued to pursue this wanderlust as an adult, traveling extensively in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Italy, France, Russia, India, and Morocco, in particular, have had strong impact on her professional work. This first-hand cultural knowledge is a distinct asset in the design world and has added real-life depth to her formal education.

Brenda has many years of experience as an interior designer. She began her career working for a firm in Greenville, SC, where her responsibilities included creating residential interiors, traveling extensively in Europe to purchase antiques, and designing custom furniture, lighting, and accessories to be produced in Italy. She then became a partner in a design firm in Atlanta, GA, and was later recruited nationally to join a highly-regarded residential design firm in Silicon Valley.

Once in California, Brenda’s unique personal and professional background caught Paul Wiseman’s attention. Impressed with her seasoned eye and discerning taste, he made her a member of The Wiseman Group design team in 2001. She is considered a “go to” person for advice on fabrics, antiques, and custom furniture design. Paul values her knowledge of scale and proportion and her innate sense of color and texture that, together, allow her to create beautiful living environments. Brenda is accomplished at designing a wide range of interiors, from traditional to modern. She understands the cosmopolitan lifestyles of her clients and works together with them to arrive at appropriate solutions that exceed their expectations.

Brenda is a designated project leader at TWG. She has a reputation among the staff for being well organized and efficient in her work. She develops strong relationships with the entire creative team, collaborating with the architect, contractor, landscape architect, lighting designer, and other key players. Her deep affection for Paul and appreciation of his past mentorship has fostered Brenda’s own commitment to the development of the studio's younger designers. She serves as both a role model and mentor, adding tremendously and giving richly to the firm.

Modern art, custom furniture, and antique chairs in a comfortable living room in Pacific Heights

Custom Bali bed, for TV watching or reading, overlooking San Francisco's park-like Presidio

Living room on the Big Isle of Hawaii with custom lighting, rug, and furnishings

Dining room in a southern California ranch-style home embodying casual elegance