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Stools draped in animal skins cosy up to the bar at WIYC restaurant
Photo - WIYC

Paul Wiseman became a world-traveler at the ripe young age of 17. He graduated from high school in 1971 and immediately set out for Europe, Indonesia, and Australia with his best buddy, Chiles Wilson. Through Sacramento Delta farming connections, the two of them spent six months working on a pear ranch in Australia. Paul also attended university in Tasmania for a year, skiing in New Zealand on one of his school breaks. So, Paul has always had a soft spot in his heart for all things Australasian.

Comfortable and stylish leather seating
Photo - WIYC

When Paul got wind of Waiheke Island Yacht Club, the hip new pop-up restaurant on Pier 29 in San Francisco, he made a beeline there with friend and architect Micheal Mullin. The restaurant was conceived by architects Fearon Hay, chefs Desmond Harris and Hayden McMillan, and furniture designers Douglas & Bec. Their goal was to recreate "the easy, dream-like quality of New Zealand’s beautiful Waiheke Island."

Couple taking in a late lunch
Photo - PVW

Paul felt duly transported: "The space has great simplicity with it's whitewashed wood, bar stools casually draped with animal hides, leather-covered tables, and comfortable leather-upholstered seating. The food is honest and the presentation is artful. I had a delicious lamb dish with grilled leeks." YUM!

Lamb dish pleasing to the eye and palate
Photo - PVW

The WIYC Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Monday to Sunday. Seating times are available from 11am for lunch and in the evenings from 5pm to 10pm for dinner.

The WIYC Bar is open from 11am to 2am Monday to Sunday.



Though he's rarely free to eat out in the city, Paul's office in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco puts him within striking distance of some pretty fabulous eateries. Today he lunched across town at his current favorite, Cotogna (Italian for "quince"). The restaurant serves rustic Italian cuisine and offers a daily-changing menu of spit-roasted or grilled meats and fish, wood-oven pizzas and house-made pastas. Paul's report: "So fresh and understated...squash blossom pizza with capers and lime!! Cold white corn soup and bitter cherry trifle for dessert...it was so hard to choose!" YUM!  ~ 


While M. Butler is catting around in paradise, Paul is back in the San Francisco office hard at work. He and his associates review architectural plans for a remodel in the Fresno area. More on this project as it unfolds over the next several months.... ~

Paul reviews plans with architects Mauricio and Megan Munoz