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Dining set Paul Wiseman chose for his own home in Belvedere,
recently featured in the monthly newsletter of Lutyens Furniture & Lighting

Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944) had a prolific career as an architect. He is responsible for the design of numerous English country houses, fine commercial buildings, and monuments. Testament to his talents as an architect, Lutyens was tapped to design and build (circa 1911-1927) a section of the city of Delhi, eventually known as New Delhi, which would later serve as the seat of the Government of India. The jewel in the crown of his career is the Viceroy's House, the architectural centerpiece of New Delhi.

Perspective view of the south elevation of the Viceroy's House (now known as Rashtrapati Bhavan), New Delhi, India
 Photo: The Wolfsonian

In his early professional life Lutyens was influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement in England. He later produced designs with classical elements, but his time spent in India clearly had a profound influence on what evolved as his own, very distinctive style.

Lutyens garden bench with Indian design influence in evidence

Lutyens was an excellent designer of fine interior furniture which he produced in small quantities. Apparently few of the interiors he created survive intact and many pieces of his original furniture have been lost. Thankfully for those who appreciate fine design and craftsmanship, Candia Lutyens and her husband, architect Paul Peterson, formed Lutyens Furniture & Lighting with the specific aim of promoting the work of her grandfather. Since 1988 the company has been making high quality reproductions available to the trade. LFL also adapts original designs and conceives new pieces which apply the Lutyens design aesthetic and are suitable for 21st Century living. All the company's products are handmade to order.

Circleback chair

The Wiseman Group recently completed an extensive residential project in Hawaii using Lutyens-inspired designs fabricated by LFL. Numerous custom pieces made of walnut grace the home's interior while teak interpretations of Lutyens' iconic designs elegantly furnish the outdoor living spaces. If one is familiar with the history of the Hawaiian Islands, the use of Lutyens furniture contributes to the "suchness" of this home's lovely atmosphere. Given that the Hawaiian Islands were once the British Sandwich Islands gives historical authenticity to TWG's use of Lutyens' colonial designs.

New Delhi occasional table