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SF media room

Fine craftsmanship is absolutely necessary to achieve that special, one-of-a-kind look sought by many of The Wiseman Group's clients. That's why  J. F. Fitzgerald Company in San Francisco is among the top vendors to whom design staff turns for bespoke furniture orders.

J. F. Fitzgerald Company was founded in 1953 by Jack Fitzgerald and his nephew, Charlie Willin. The company has remained in the Willin family's hands since that time. The on-site mill allows the creation of beautifully-crafted frames in extra thick wood.  Coil springs for sofas and chairs are tied by hand and adjusted to the customer's specifications. Every cushion is handmade for custom orders, a time-consuming specialty: "For a half century, we've understood that quality resides in the details of craftsmanship."

Paul examining a custom frame with one of the owners, Mike Willin
Paul Wiseman began using Fitzgerald 33 years ago when he first opened his interior design firm. Paul is eternally grateful for their early faith in him: "They gave me my first line of credit at a time when that was crucial to my getting started in business!" Since that time, lovely furniture hand-crafted in the Fitzgerald Company atelier graces many a TWG interior.

SF living room
Custom daybed in a boy's room