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Front entry area with large pivoting door

The Wiseman Group was recently invited for cocktails at the Hillsborough residence of clients of the firm. The occasion: the completion of the design project's furniture installation. The hosts wanted to share their lovely home with the staff and show their appreciation for a job well done. Design Principal James Hunter lead the creative team with assistance from Designer Luis Alves, both of whom were on hand to answer questions and show everyone around.

Library furniture installed, with finishing accessories soon to come

Seating near the living room fireplace with additional decorative elements yet to be installed

Seating by the fireplace accented with pillows in Fortuny's Shanti pattern

Panel above fire place raised to reveal a flat screen television

Small patio outside of the master bedroom suite, featuring a black oval soaking tub

Master bathroom vanity

Guest bathroom shower

The clients have a preference for modern design, evident in the home's architecture and in their choice of furniture and fixtures. The house was completely remodeled (by Charlie Barnett Associates) to increase a feeling of interior spaciousness. In spite of the large size of the great room, which combines the kitchen, dining area, and seating near the fireplace, the house feels warm and comfortable -- much to the credit of the design staff.

Design Principal James Hunter flanked by the client and her neighbor, also a client of TWG

The client with CEO Kevin Peters

President Paul Wiseman and Design Principal Brenda Mickel

Designer Luis Alves and Kevin Peters

Designers Kelsey Mazzotta and Victoria Reynolds with attorney Richard Snyder

Designers Jessica Barnard, Anna Sweeney, and Victoria Reynolds

Accounting Manager Eloisa Saquilayan, Designer Marilyn Autry, and PVW Assistant Chase Roberson

Kevin Peters with (from left) Designers Anna Sweeney, Lauren Daley, Marilyn Autry, Sadie Darsie, and Kelsey Mazzotta

The staff enjoyed seeing the project firsthand and appreciated the gracious manner in which the clients showed TWG their thanks!



Jiun Ho, Inc. and Luxe Interiors + Design ring in the holiday spirit with the second annual Ornament Ball & Auction. A select group of designers and architects were invited to make one-of-a-kind holiday ornaments to be auctioned at several events benefiting the California College of the Arts Internship Scholarship Program. Lauren Daley, Senior Designer at TWG, created a lovely ornament to donate to the San Francisco auction.

The ornament, entitled "The Cloud," pays tribute to the zeitgeist of cloud computing. It is fabricated of lightly touching, transparent Plexiglas spheres. The shape is nebulous, reflecting light from all angles. The fragility of its form belies its structural integrity.

Don’t miss out on the live auction for an opportunity to snag this artful ornament and, perhaps, dinner with the chef and owner of La Urbana.

When: Wednesday December 18, 2013

Host: Jiun Ho de Jia

Where: 1180 Folsom Street in San Francisco

Time: 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.



The Wiseman Group is known for its deep field of design talent, and Lauren Daley is one of the reasons why. She is a Senior Designer with the firm, and, since joining the team in 2002, has made herself a valued, indispensable member of the staff.

Lauren grew up in the Los Angeles area and went to Skidmore College in Upstate New York. After graduation she held a variety of positions in the design world, taking time to educate her eye and learn the ins and outs of the trade. While working in New York City, she attended classes at Parsons School of Design. She also worked in the design industry in Los Angeles and San Francisco before landing at TWG.

When Lauren is involved in a TWG project, she facilitates ongoing communications among the client, the contractor, and TWG. This is an important role as this dialogue is key to the evolution and eventual success of a project. Her design duties require a broad range of skills including the use of AutoCAD (computer-aided design) for the creation of custom furniture, as well as for space planning and furniture layout. Lauren's keen eye also makes her exceptionally good at searching out luxury furniture, fabrics, plumbing fixtures, hardware, and finishes. Her ability to then work with various shops and vendors on pricing, order placement, and order expediting is helpful to the efficiency of the firm's workflow. Lauren manages two other designers who assist with the creative process and expedite projects.

Lauren perusing fabric books with Donghia rep, Natalie Mize, in the TWG conference room

In Lauren's own words: "I like to think of myself as a hands-on designer. I don’t mind getting dirty at job sites, and I love, love, love working with our local custom vendors. Paul has nicknamed me 'the engineer' because I like to think things through and work with these artisans to achieve all the complicated custom elements we create. I like what I do at TWG because it is ever-evolving. I am also a stickler for paperwork and details on the business side -- which keeps everyone in accounting happy. And I like to mentor newer staff to make sure they get off on the right foot."

Curtain rod inspired by Brancusi

One spectacular TWG project reflects Lauren's touch throughout. For example, she was intimately involved in the design and manufacture of the living room curtain hardware:  "We were inspired by the abstract primitive sculpture of Brancusi. I sculpted the original 'bangle bracelet' forms in wax, and then Tuell & Reynolds made the actual wax molds and cast the pieces in bronze. They are the largest and heaviest finials we’ve ever made!"

Brass fillet detail on living room ottoman

TWG is known for its fine custom details, such as those found on this living room ottoman base: "We designed a metal fillet to detail the base of this ottoman. The antiqued brass band was punched at every intersection to accommodate the decorative nail head. It gives the ottoman detail without looking fussy."

Laser-cut fretwork over mica backing the library bar

The library bar in this home is exceptionally beautiful: "We designed a two-layer, laser-cut pattern to achieve more dimension. We installed the fretwork over a sheet of mica and then illuminated the bar from behind with LED strip lights."

Embroidered pillows based on Fortuny's Jupon Bouquet

Realizing one-of-a-kind detailing is one of Lauren's talents. These embroidered bedroom pillows are functional art: "The pillows were hand-embroidered in a 'lost and found' design based on Fortuny’s Jupon Bouquet. The room is entirely upholstered in the Jupon Bouquet pattern, and we wanted these to have more patina."

Vintage factice stoppers found by Lauren and made into faucet handles by PE Guerin

Lauren's has a wonderful ability to unearth unique objets on the Internet, such as the vintage factice bottle stoppers used in this home's powder room. (To read more about this amazing space and Lauren's role in creating it, read "Playbill: The Story of a Chic, Unexpected Powder Room.") Just one more reason Paul Wiseman is so happy to have her on board.