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Château 165 with handsome profile, grand vaulted gas oven, standard electric oven, and choice of six cooktop configurations

La Cornue got its start in 1908 when founder Albert Dupuy took advantage of the installation of natural gas lines throughout Paris. Gas lighting had become widely available and with it came the possibility of using gas to fuel the kitchen stove. Mid-century, André Dupuy continued his father's business, updating old models and introducing new ones, such as the classic Château range. In 1985, Xavier Dupuy took over the company and, with a small staff of sixty, has presided over the development of an international company with a reputation for quality.

The Wiseman Group is asked to create seriously beautiful, beautifully serious kitchens for their clients. Fortunately for the design team, La Cornue makes rock solid ranges with gorgeous European styling. With La Cornue, the beauty of form does not have to be sacrificed to the practicality of function.

The company's line of high-end ranges are manufactured in France and operate somewhat differently than equipment manufactured in the US. For this reason, La Cornue makes a concerted effort to see that designers who recommend the ranges to their clients are familiar with the capabilities and functions of their products.

TWG was recently invited to attend an informational gathering about La Cornue at Purcell Murray's showroom in Brisbane. They partner with fine kitchen appliance brands and have two California showrooms where interested parties can go to experience those brands in a no-pressure setting. No better way for the TWG team to learn about La Cornue than to attend a hands-on demonstration at Purcell Murray with a gourmet meal served at the end!

Eric Remmen, La Cornue’s West Coast Manager, sharing information with TWG team members

Larissa Taboryski, La Cornue’s In-House Culinary Director, discussing the product line and preparing a demonstration

Carrie Swing, TWG Resource Coordinator, arranged the event with La Cornue

A delicious end to an informative demonstration

TWG staff (clockwise from top of table) Steven Brown, guest, Sadie Darsie, Heather Queen,
Samantha Schiff, Carrie Swing, Megan Munoz, and Shannon Jue