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Moritz Hammer (KGM Architectural Lighting), James Hunter (TWG design principal), Jessica Barnard (TWG designer), and Mauricio Muñoz (TWG design principal)

This time last year The Wiseman Group was fêted by Therien & Co. at their La Cienega showroom in Los Angeles. The occasion? The publication of TWG's book, 

Inner Spaces: Paul Vincent Wiseman and The Wiseman Group

. It was fitting that the SoCal company played host to the San Francisco-based Wiseman Group: Therien, 

Dessin Fournir

 company, h

ad deep roots in the San Francisco Bay Area before opening a Los Angeles showroom in the late 1980s.

JP Hayden (Hayden & Fandetta Rare Books) and


cia Sims (Therien)

Chase Roberson (TWG) and Andrew Huge (Deloitte Consulting)

Kirsten Honeyman (TWG blog author) and Michael Danahy (Writer/Producer)

Devin Donner (Rudin Donner Design, Inc.) 

and Bill Dono

hoe (Donohoe Design Works)


Kevin Peters (TWG CEO)

The company is a purveyor of timeless period antiques, but in keeping with shifting design tastes, has also created a division devoted to 20th Century classics. Thus their location on La Cienega Boulevard is known throughout the U.S. and Europe as a one-stop source of premier quality decorative arts.

Mary Kate Spach and Tim Barber (both of Tim Barber Ltd. Architecture), Keith Granet (Granet Associates), and Brenda Mickel (TWG design principal)

Suzanne Shepela, 

Brian Pinkett

, and 

Lauren Fulton (all of 

Landry Design 


Guests were able to wander among the company's several showrooms and take in their lovely contents. CEO Kevin Peters greeted guests and Paul Wiseman signed books during the event. Wiseman Group Designers, Mauricio Munoz, Brenda Mickel, and James Hunter mingled with guests and sipped celebratory wine.

Phaedra Wilson (Munder Skiles)


 Chozen and TWG client 



Tom Stanley, Ron Woodson (Woodson & Rummerfield's), and Rocky La Fleur (Kneedler|Fauchère)

Paul Wiseman (TWG founder and president)

An after-party dinner was hosted by The Wiseman Group at nearby Ago. All in all, a lovely evening!



Hostess Jeanne Robertson speaks to her guests about the design work of Paul Wiseman and The Wiseman Group

The oldest residence in San Francisco sits on a quiet street atop Russian Hill overlooking a large swath of the Bay: the Golden Gate Bridge to the west; Belvedere Island, Angel Island, and Alcatraz to the north; and Berkeley and the Bay Bridge to the east. Sandy and Jeanne Robertson bought their home twenty years ago, and with the help of Walker & Moody Architects and The Wiseman Group they have transformed the historic house into a sanctuary of beauty and comfort. The home was recently the setting for a private book party celebrating the publication of Inner Spaces, a retrospective of the interior design work of The Wiseman Group.

Signed, special edition copies of Inner Spaces

Joan Vinson and Kevin Hsu peruse the book upon arrival

A feature of Paul Wiseman's residence catches Joan Vinson's eye

Host Sandy Robertson greets guests

TWG CEO Kevin Peters is greeted by Laura Robertson and Sandy Robertson

California State Senator Mark Leno chats with John Gunn and Richard Snyder

Rita Laven, TWG President Paul Wiseman, and TWG Design Principal Brenda Mickel

Brett Robertson, Kevin Peters, and TWG Design Principal James Hunter

Jerry Weissman, Lucie Weissman, Nan McDowell, and Jim Grossman

Jim Marver, Stephanie Marver, Paul Wiseman, and Catherine Hoenig

Jeanne Robertson, Mark Leno, and Barbara Rosenberg

Patsy Ludwig

Ann Alkire and Brenda Mickel

Michele Goss, Paul Wiseman, and Connie Goodyear Baron

Richard Snyder, Cynthia Gunn, and John Gunn

Janet Moody McMurty and Deedee McMurty
Paul Wiseman jokes with Kent Eff, Karen & Richard Goss, and Heather Gray

TWG Design Principal Mauricio Munoz with Brenda Mickel

Jeanne Robertson, Paul Wiseman, Joan Vinson, and Cynthia Gunn

Sam Barondes and Richard Snyder

Patsy Ludwig

Catherine Hoenig and Heather Gray

Kevin Hsu, Stephen Suzman, landscape architect for the Robertson property, and Joan Vinson

Jeanne Robertson chats with guests

Tom Beischer, Cynthia Gunn, and James Hunter

David DeWilde, Paul Wiseman, and Joy Venturini Bianchi

Kent Eff and Heather Gray

Stephanie Marver

Lucie and Jerry Weissman with Jeanne Robertson

David DeWilde and Mauricio Munoz

Roger Evans and Aey Phanachet

Bruce Honeyman and TWG blog author Kirsten Honeyman

With drinks in hand, guests were free to roam the three-story Victorian home, taking in its lovely decor, impressive art collection, and spectacular views over the Bay. As the stars came out, guests were treated to a front row seat to The Bay Lights, the world’s largest LED light sculpture across the western span of the Bay Bridge.

View north to Alcatraz and Angel Island

Roger Evans, Kirsten Honeyman, and Joy Venturini Bianchi are regaled by Paul Wiseman

Paul Wiseman points out the Golden Gate Bridge to Joy Venturini Bianchi, Aey Phanachet, and Roger Evans 

James Hunter and Tom Beischer

To the east the lights of the Bay Bridge can be seen after dusk

Brenda Mickel, Paul Wiseman, Ann Alkire, and Kirsten Honeyman are served desert on the rooftop

Bruce Honeyman and Mauricio Munoz enjoy a drink in the rooftop viewing room

At one point in the evening, Mrs. Robertson spoke to the assembled guests about her affection for Paul Wiseman and her appreciation of the excellent work of the firm. She thanked James Hunter for his contribution to their projects as well. It was a very special evening for all involved, and The Wiseman Group wishes to thank the Robertsons for all their invaluable support and good will!

Jeanne Robertson, Paul Wiseman, and gathered guests

Carrie Swing of TWG makes sure each guest leaves with a copy of the book

Chase Roberson of TWG looks on as Paul Wiseman says goodnight to Brenda Mickel

Sandy Robertson bids Shirley Sun goodnight



View of the main house from the guest cottage

Paul Vincent Wiseman and The Wiseman Group were recently fêted at the Sacramento River delta farm of Leslie and Chiles Wilson. The occasion? A hometown book launch party for Inner Spaces, showcasing thirty-five years of the firm's interior design work. The Wilson abode is included in the new book.

View from the back side of the home, which faces Mt. Diablo
Photo - Matthew Millman

Close-up of pool area at dusk
Photo - Matthew Millman

Architected by David Morton and Kurt Melander, the Wilson compound seems absolutely at home on the property. The modern farmhouse and its out buildings sit in the middle of a large pear orchard and relate comfortably to their agricultural setting. The architects have achieved a masterful balance between historical and contemporary aesthetics: with its simple lines, tin roofs, and white plaster walls, the architecture gives a nod to the property's history as a farm labor camp during the Great Depression, all the while reflecting fresh, modern design.

The guesthouse, designed in the same vernacular as the main house
Photo - Matthew Millman

Chiles Wilson (L) looks on as Paul addresses the guests
Photo - Kirsten Honeyman

This event was especially meaningful to Paul Wiseman: he grew up in Walnut Grove with Chiles Wilson as his best buddy, and the bulk of those attending were dear friends and family wishing him well as the book makes its debut.

Hostess Leslie Wilson
Photo - Richard Snyder

Nancy Moser (seated), a dear friend of Paul's mother and one of the first people to appreciate his design talent,
with Paul, Katie Moser, and granddaughter Sarah Moser
Photo - Richard Snyder

Pan van Loben Sels, friend of Paul's mother
Photo - Richard Snyder

Sadie Darsie, designer at TWG and family friend, with her boyfriend, Ali Razavi
Photo - Richard Snyder

Paul reviews the book with party guests Laura & Rob Towne and their daughter and son-in-law
Photo - Mauricio Munoz

Jan Quesenbury, friend of Paul's mother
Photo - Richard Snyder

Bruce Honeyman adds a little musical interest to the gathering
Photo - Mauricio Munoz

Paul greets an old friend, Chad LaBenz, who traveled from Florida to attend the gathering
Photo - Mauricio Munoz

Paul with childhood friend, gardener, and artist, Daisy Mah
Photo - Richard Snyder

Architect Kurt Melander, artist Tom Cordell , TWG CEO Kevin Peters, and Chase Roberson, assistant to Paul
Photo - Mauricio Munoz
Chase Roberson, TWG Design Principal James Hunter, and Angus Whyte, longtime friend of Paul
Photo - Mauricio Munoz

Guest Phil Benson
Photo - Richard Snyder

Alex Wilson, farmer James Christie, and Chiles Wilson, Jr
Photo - Mauricio Munoz

Paul with Lynn Stutz and his cousin, Cathy Wiseman Hemley
Photo - Mauricio Munoz

Nicole Wiseman, Paul's cousin, and Richard N. Snyder, Paul's partner
Photo - Mauricio Munoz

Richard Snyder, Janice Wiseman (Paul's sister-in-law), and Kirsten Honeyman (writer for TWG)
Photo - Mauricio Munoz

Guest Stacy Benson
Photo - Richard Snyder

Case and Brian Wiseman, Paul's nephews from two different siblings
Photo - Richard Snyder

Hilary Wiseman, Paul's niece, and Chiles Wilson, Jr., her good friend and son of the host
Photo - Richard Snyder

James Hunter, TWG Design Principal
Photo - Richard Snyder

Pear orchard painting by Chinese immigrant artist, Ming, whose works are collected by the Wilsons
Photo - Richard Snyder

A big thanks to the Wilsons for hosting such a delightful event!



TWG Design Principal James Hunter with Jay Jeffers

San Francisco-based interior designer Jay Jeffers celebrated the release of his new book, Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool (Rizzoli), and many of The Wiseman Group staff were in attendance. The launch party was held Thursday, March 27 at the new pop-up accessories shop Cavalier@Coup located inside Coup d’Etat. By all reports, the event was a big success...

Jay Jeffers

Jay Jeffers signing copies of his book

Carrie Swing of TWG and Kaylee Witworth

Samantha Schiff (TWG Assistant Designer), Kalyee Whitworth, and Kelsey Mazzotta (TWG Assistant Designer)

Suzanna Allen (former Personal Assistant to Paul Wiseman) and Kevin Peters (TWG CEO and CFO)

Kevin Peters with designer Scot Meacham Wood

Sadie Darsie, Chase Roberson, Shannon Jue (of TWG) and Debbie Gray of De Sousa Hughes Showroom
James Hunter and John Toya of Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects enjoy a moment with other party attendees