Shannon Jue

SHANNON JUE - Associate Design Director

Shannon Jue has worn a number of hats in her professional life, in the process amassing a broad repertoire of skills and abilities. There is a consistent theme evident in her curriculum vitae: she inspires great trust and confidence. Employers and clients alike see her as capable of handling high levels of responsibility, working independently, and knowing how to get the job done!

Though born and raised in the Bay Area, Shannon is no stranger to the southern part of the state. She attended UCLA, and, while working on a degree in Sociology, took some additional upper-division elective courses.  She chose a class on the history of architecture and found herself hooked on the subject matter.  Le Corbusier, Richard Neutra, and Frank Lloyd Wright inspired her in particular.  Her eyes were opened to a new way of seeing architectural space. After graduation, she began a career in public relations and advertising, but was still hungry for more learning in architecture and design. To further her knowledge, she continued to take extension classes in her free time.

After a number of years in her chosen career, Shannon felt the need for a course correction. She took a few months off, giving her time for a brief sabbatical in Italy. The trip confirmed her design inclinations and helped focus her career decisions. She returned to California and landed a job with renowned designer Barbara Barry. She started as a design assistant, but was soon given the green light for project management and for custom design work, even creating the interior plan for a super-yacht under construction in The Netherlands. During her six years doing residential design with Barbara Barry, Shannon also worked on several commercial projects for a hotel group, which included a champagne bar and restaurant space at the Savoy Hotel in London as well as a Michael Mina restaurant in San Francisco.

The Wiseman Group hired Shannon in 2007. As with her previous employers, the firm soon recognized her personal maturity and deep talent, eventually promoting her to Associate Design Principal. Her design approach reveals a love of composition, color, layering, and texture, imbuing TWG projects with balance and a sense of wholeness. At the same time, Shannon manages the practical aspects of her projects with aplomb. She possesses an unusual combination of artistic sensibility and a capacity for exacting accuracy, completing beautiful projects with tight discipline and scrupulous attention to detail—all while maintaining warm, trusting client and team relationships. Shannon is a tremendous asset to the firm, and TWG is proud to count her among its talented staff.