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Having a great eye for design is a natural gift—one that can be enhanced by training and life experience, but never taught. Paul Vincent Wiseman has just that innate talent. This is evident in the quality and scope of projects emanating from his eponymous interior design studio, The Wiseman Group, founded in San Francisco in 1980.

Paul was born in the rich delta country of California's Sacramento Valley. His formative years in an agricultural community have made him both sensible and grounded, but he has always marched to the beat of his own drum. After studying at the University of California- Berkeley, his zest for travel took him all over Europe and the Far East. By his mid-twenties, he had lived for extended periods in both France and Australia. It was during these youthful travels that he realized his passion for design.

Direct, thoughtful exposure to the disparate cultures of the world has allowed Paul to be truthful to what is authentic. His cultural awareness helps him avoid a common design mistake of forcing elements that simply do not fit the story of a property. He has been influenced by the classic European motifs of Italy, France, England, and Spain, but is equally inspired by Asia and Africa. His is a global perspective on design—eclectic in the best sense of the word.

Paul has a deep appreciation for history, culture, art, and architecture. This love, paired with exposure to fine decorative arts through travel, has inspired his patronage of superb craftspeople. Artisan studios from Paris to the Far East provide the custom design elements that have become a signature of TWG projects.

Paul's personality is an asset to his work. His sharp intelligence is paired with a warm, easy-going manner, engendering confidence and trust. Paul is able to work closely with his clients, helping them clarify their design goals and determine how their living space might best serve their needs. He is also a talented leader, guiding the firm's design teams in determining the aesthetic direction of projects.

A commitment to the environment and to the importance of sustainable development motivates Paul in his design work. When working with clients, he helps them take stock of energy efficiency and choose materials with the least negative impact. Whenever possible, projects are designed in accordance with LEED guidelines.

Thus, there is an overarching intellectual truth and honesty to Paul's approach. When he has completed his work, each property flows seamlessly both inside and out, is in harmony with its owners deepest wishes, and is respectful of the environment. This accomplishment is the mark of an evolved professional and a true design artist.

- Paul Vincent Wiseman