Mid-Century Modern

This client had enough time and experience to be his own general contractor on this home, which was built on part of the old Jack Warner estate in Old Las Palmas. The design was to be modern, not mid-century, and the house was sited with a primary program requirement in mind, a 25 meter lap pool the client had always wanted. The palette of materials is kept to a consistent language of corten steel, stone, cement, and aluminum trim. Wood ceilings add warmth, and all rooms, including the showers, have a natural light source. Furnishings are comfortable, modern, and predominately custom by The Wiseman Group, including suede headboard-walls with cantilevered bedside tables. Spaces achieve elegance due to the appropriateness of colors, art, and landscaping, all of which reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding desert.

Architect - Schmidt Architecture
Photographer - Aaron Leitz

Mid-Century Modern

When a young family purchased this architecturally significant home from the 1960s, the goal was to honor the existing structure (built by notable architect Joseph Esherick), while adapting it to the lifestyle and aesthetic wishes of the client. By creating a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, and adding mid-century modern furnishings and materials --with touches of classic details--the home was transformed into a Northern California lifestyle dwelling, perfectly suited to a growing family.

Photographer: Jose Manuel Alorda


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