Mauricio Munoz Bio

Mauricio Munoz - Design DIRECTOR

Mauricio Munoz, head of The Wiseman Group's interior architectural department, has a life story both fascinating and compelling. This calm, confident man, at the top of his professional game, offers little outward evidence of the long road that led to his living the American dream.

Born in Chile to a Spanish mother and Chilean father, Mauricio was raised with his mother's European sensibilities, which included a deep appreciation for the cultural arts. His family's devotion to intellectual pursuits was especially significant in light of what was happening in Chile at the time. The fascist regime of Pinochet, with its climate of fear and the pervasive threat of violence, forced Mauricio to mature quickly.

As a young man, Mauricio studied architecture in a highly innovative program at the University Catolica de Valparaiso. Guided by masters of modern Chilean architecture, his mentors helped him develop keen perceptual skills and a nonlinear, poetic understanding of how to beautify spaces. He graduated from the program with a degree in architecture and obtained a license to practice in Chile.

Mauricio, however, could not abide the chilling effects of the country's dictatorship, and, in his late twenties, left Chile for California. While it had not been his intention to move to the Bay Area permanently, economic realities forced him to change course and stay. What followed were several years of struggle learning to speak English and establishing himself in a new country. He worked hard to make ends meet and eventually decided to return to the world of architecture. With perseverance and determination, he spent late nights mastering the techniques of computer-aided drawing and design.

A series of fortuitous events landed Mauricio a job as a temporary employee at TWG. Paul Wiseman recognized his extraordinary combination of talents and retained him as a valued member of the staff in 2001. Mauricio often manages complicated projects, both interpreting Paul's vision and working with the client's architect and contractors to find the most effective solution to each design challenge.

Mauricio approaches his work earnestly, aware that his clients have entrusted him to design their most important private spaces. He takes this responsibility seriously and feels there is no better confirmation of a job well done than having a satisfied client sing the firm's praises to a friend. Such a vote of confidence is truly music to Mauricio's ears.