James Hunter Bio

James Hunter - Design DIRECTOR

James Hunter has a broad personal and professional background. Born in Upstate New York, he was raised in a small community surrounded by a large extended family. The security and safety of his close-knit town promoted a sense of self-confidence and independence, as well as a genuine interest in other people. These qualities serve him well in his professional life. James held an appointed position as a Planning Commissioner in Brisbane, CA, for ten years.  Always giving back, he is the long-standing President of the Board of Epiphany Dance Theater. Shaped by experience, James is able to meet clients on an interpersonal level that is both sincere and direct. 

A focused academic background enriches James' contributions to TWG. As an undergraduate, James majored in Art Education at State University College in Buffalo, New York; his course work reinforced the importance of scale, color, balance, and proportion. He spent a semester abroad in Siena, Italy, and later visited museums and sites of historical and architectural interest throughout Europe.  The many cities visited provided James with invaluable exposure to timeless design. Upon his return, James remained in Buffalo, obtaining a Master of Science in Art Education (magna cum laude) and completed post-graduate work in textile design and surface printing.  He continues to travel globally for work and inspiration.

James lives in a modern high rise in San Francisco, he once owned a much-loved farm in northern Michigan, and now finds respite in Palm Springs. The change of pace and shift in cultures—Bay Area urban to rural Michigan to design-rich Palm Springs—provides a boost to his creativity and furthers his appreciation of context in design. His rich and varied life experiences prepared him well, he is skilled at creating unique design visions for a wide range of projects from traditional to contemporary.

James' long history with TWG, his wide knowledge base, and his sharp intelligence engender trust and confidence among clients. They depend on James for sure guidance and attention to detail, knowing that he will make quick, well-considered decisions on their behalf. He brings a discerning eye to every project, helping clients create interiors that are well-composed, cohesive, and appropriate. He manages to do this while maintaining a functional and financial discipline to each project. He has also developed superb relationships with a wide variety of artisans and suppliers to create and execute custom designs, from simple to extraordinary.

James’s work for The Wiseman Group has appeared in books and magazines, such as California Country Style, New Tropical Experiences, West Coast Modern, Legorreta & Legorreta, and the Wiseman Group’s own Inner Spaces. James has been published in Architectural Digest, Luxe magazine, San Francisco Cottages and Garden, Northern Home and Cottage, and California Homes. James is a two-time Luxe Magazine Gold List recipient and has been recognized as an Architectural Digest 100 Top Design talent.