Gil Mendez

GIL MENDEZ - Associate Design Director

Gil Mendez has lived a rich and varied life, providing him with a complex tapestry of experiences from which to draw inspiration for design. Born and raised on the island of Puerto Rico, he moved with his family to Connecticut where he attended high school.  He later attended Cornell University, earning a Bachelor of Architecture.

While at Cornell, Gil studied for a semester in Rome and also enrolled in a summer program that introduced him to a vast number of significant European architectural works, with a focus on public museums filled with equally significant masterworks. Throughout his adult life, his penchant for travel has introduced him to a variety places, including Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. His university studies and his trips abroad have created a deep well of experience and fostered an uncommonly sophisticated eye.  This allows him to comment intuitively on issues of design, context, proportion, and viability, ensuring that his projects are well grounded.

After graduating from Cornell, Gil moved to San Francisco and would soon join Gensler, a large commercial architecture, design, planning, and consulting firm where he worked for several years, reaching Associate level. He developed and honed his skills in the delivery of large and complex interior design projects and developed his passion for the craft of interior design.

Gil met Paul Vincent Wiseman in 2000 and joined The Wiseman Group to help run its Interior Architecture department. Some years later he decided it was time to pursue his own entrepreneurial endeavors and ran his eponymous design firm for more than five years. In 2010 he was invited to return to TWG to support and lead projects that would benefit from his unique blend of skills. Upon completion of those projects, Gil took a two year sabbatical to live on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he created various art installations, explored plein-air painting, dabbled in landscape design, and focused on the hands-on remodel of his own island home.

In 2014, Gil returned to The Wiseman Group, where he continues to work on the Interior Design side of the firm and has been promoted to Associate Design Principal. He is appreciated for his mature, seasoned outlook, his capacity for hard work, and his ability to achieve client satisfaction. His depth of knowledge and his creative focus on design solutions have helped Gil develop into a richly talented individual, and TWG is extremely proud to have him on board.